EMR Ver-3.4.0 Testing

Great appreciation for the new EMR to v3.4,
Had a few days’ of interaction with the system, below are some of the issues noted and more will be shared subsequently.

The system could not load all modules automatically after changing the war file until after some troubleshooting.

The attached image shows TB status data entry screen where the system has locked to TB status 4, hence I am unable to do any edits regarding that section, whereas during any data export the column will contain no signs of TB which I never updated for that visit of the client.

DSDM: There are stable clients eligible for DSD models like FTDR, CCLAD and CDDP, but this is not the case in this version, it will require to still attach theses clients to FBIM citing that they are not stable.
DSD models have less clients enrolled

Automated CQI AUDIT TOOL - for TX ML, IIT clients, whose outcome is known as dead or transferred the tool doesn’t pick this data, the tool as well has fewer ICT biological children compared to when a data export is used, I considered the CALHIV to ascertain this. Clients without children still flag red, index testing of sexual partners.

Thank you for the innovations.

@JosephM this feedback is well received and will be considered. Would you mind telling us when you upgraded UgandaEMR and also from which version you upgraded? Thanks

@slubwama thanks for your kind response. I upgraded from ver 3.3.7 on 4th April 2023

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