Failure To split ARV Drugs when using POC For Version. 3.3.8

We have been trying to split some drugs which aren’t combined especially the pediatric and adolescences but we failed e.g ABC-3TC & AZT-3TC with separate doses DTG (50mg or 10mg) plus other combinations and yet the option is available but on saving the page remains in-active.

@Edrine are you using Point of care or retrospective mode of entry

I use both But mostly we refer to point of care in case we don’t have power challenges

@slubwama that’s what i am referring to.


@slubwama i tried several options but the encounter couldn’t save.

Do you want AZT , 3TC, and DTG as separate drugs or AZT-3TC, DTG

@Edrine, you might need to clear cache on your web browser OR use another web browser…Had a similar issue one time and it was resolved…Eyalama noi Boss