Hmis acp 029: safe male circumcision client form missing

We were starting to utilize the SMC module but I have noticed that the HMIS ACP 029: SAFE MALE CIRCUMCISION CLIENT FORM is missing in the system.

What’s available is HMIS 035a: Safe Male Circumcision Client Card Follow up but when trying accessing it, a notification pops up saying "This Patient has no SMC card, you will now be forwarded to the patient dashboard.

What do I have to do to have the VMMC client forms entered cozy it is urgently needed by management

Thank you

Hello @jokello kindly upgrade your system to 3.4.1 version and when entering the client form you log in ART CLINIC you will see it but follow up and the others, check in the SMC clinic @slubwama @solemabrothers @David Semuju we request the SMC client card be put Clinic rather than ART CLINIC .

Hello @pkiiza,

This feedback has been taken note of and we shall check up with the program team for guidance as well.