Manage Scheduler Request Viral Load Results Task Absent Ver 3.3.7 and 3.4.1

One of our sites is having issues receiving VL results from CPHL. This is most likely due to the missing ‘Request VL Results Task’ from the list of tasks in the Scheduler.

In System Admin > UgandaEMR Sync > Sync Task Type; this task is present and correctly configured.

This issue was present in Ver 3.3.7 at this one site and continues even after an upgrade to 3.4.1

Kindly help out.

Hello @gWabomba,

Kindly confirm if you have the sync_task_type table in your database. Share a similar screen shoot of the table (and its data)

Dear @nmayanja; please find attached a screenshot of the sync_task_type table in the database as requested.