Mysql cannot start after an upgrade or installation

1. Go to start menu, search for services.

2. Under Services look for mysql.

3. Stop mysql service

4. Go to C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\data

5. Delete the following files:
    - ib_logfile0
    - ib_logfile1

6. Restart mysql from services.

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Mysql keeps failing to start trying to use this method but I am not seeing the log files

@Herman1 Kindly check the path you’re in. From Step 4 of the instruction its ProgramData Not ProgramFiles.

Go back to LocalDisk(C) & Enable hidden items for you to see the ProgramData folder.

its checked but still I cant see them

Dear @Herman1, From the screenshot above, we can’t see the location you are looking in. After activating show hidden folders, you should be able to view folders that are faint than the normal folders, just like the ProgramData folder shown in the screenshot above by @iakileng. Furthermore, you could also search your computer for the ib_logfile0 using the default windows search or an app like Everything which will index all your drives for quick searching.

After deleting the said files, restart MySQL service and provide feedback if its still failing or working.