Mysql randomly stopped and is failing to restart

Hello team, opened emr and found that error.

On checking the services, mysql is stopped, started it and ran for less than a second and stopped.
Below is the error log

NOTE: using version 3.3.7

Waiting for feedback. Thanks

It’s happens for 2 reasons,

1). You updated the my.ini file

Cut the the my.ini file from MySQL folder, effect the changes you want to make and drag and drop it back to MySQL folder. Remember to have permissions to do that.

Also it’s important that you restart the MySQL service after that

2). The mysqld in bin was corrupted.
Because this is an executable file, just do a re-run of the MySQL instance configuration. Remember that you’ll only repair and not remove. After follow solution 1.

Ensure when dealing with the my.ini. File, you don’t edit it from the MySQL folder. Drag it out to desktop, effect the changes and drag it back to folder and restart

Let me know if you fail to have this sorted

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Problem was resolved. The issue was with the my.ini file which had been corrupted. Had to recover the last working settings and refreshed the available database in that regard.

Thanks @Jacob - METS for the support rendered in solving this issue. Would be even much better if we got a detailed SOP on solving this since its becoming a common issue.


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