POC has issues in MCH clinic

when we send art patients in MCH via POC via selecting clinical assessment form it brings two interfaces one for retrospective entry and the other down is POC interface which are both not working when you try to send patients to other service points

how can we overcome that challenge

@Herman1 which version of Uganda EMR are you using? Also, share screenshots of the roles of the current user

we are using 3.3.7

@Herman1 Do you use this account for HIV POC as well?

Kindly uncheck the provider role and try again while using the MCH POC.

I have unchecked but still the error persists

Let’s now check if the roles are adequately configured beginning with the MCH Clinic role.

Broswe to ==> Home - Legacy Systems - Manage Roles - MCH Clinic


Ensure that only the Base Role is ticked in the first section group (Inherited Roles). Kindly confirm if this is the case on your server

yes its ticked

hello team how far with the this challenge

Hello Herman

Kindly inbox your contact / anydesk / team viewer so that one of our techs can review the system. We shall then post back the feedback


@solemabrothers , as we await @Herman1 response, please oversee the troubleshooting of this