Request for a master list with all demographic information (Locations at From Village to Subcounty level for Kampala and Wakiso

The new Ug.EMR version 3.4.1 does not accept users to manually type in demographics at village and parish level, It has been designed to auto select.
Now, users at given facilities may not know which villages/parishes and under which sub counties / or counties they belong, and hence may save data on wrong locations.
Health worker who fill data in primary tools (forms/registers) may not know the accurate locations.and hence data will not be picked and entered successfully by the entrants / users.

Clients as well may not know the serial arrangement of the parishes / villages/ cells for their locations.

As Kisenyi HC IV, we are advising and requesting that, all IPs / Health facilities be provided with the excel file containing the demographic details that were used to update this current version of Ug.EMR, so that it can guide our users while capturing the data in the systems.

Brian Suubi Mugabi
Kisenyi HC