Retrospective Viral load Data entry Not saving after an upgrade to 3.3.7

We did an Upgrade to 3.3.7; but since then Viral loads are not saving; the save button turns to “white” and back to green with out the data being submitted.
Any help??

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@BCRISPUS thanks for the feedback on this. Lets look into this and get back to you. @dbaluku @solemabrothers @iakileng

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@BCRISPUS Do you mind giving more context on how the viral loads fail to save?
Is this on the retrospective data entry mode or POC entry mode? If at the retrospective mode, is it happening at the time of ordering or at the time of entry of results.

you can try the Followings:

  1. Run concept dictionary and restart the system
  2. Stop Tomcat, and delete the openmrs folder and start Tomcat again

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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