Send VL to CPHL Vs. Send VL Program Data to CPHL

Dear UgandaEMR Talk Community

I would love to know if there’s a difference between the “Send Viral Load to CPHL” task and the “Send VL Program Data to CPHL” task. The former task existed in EMR versions preceding 3.4.1.

Upon installation of EMR Ver 3.4.1, the latter task is created and given priority for VL exchange. Logs indicate an unsuccessful sync since the usernames and passwords are back to the default “emrlabclient”.

My Question; is there a difference between these two tasks?

Yes, the 2 are different. Send Viral Load to CPHL sends the basic information to enable identification of the sample to CPHL. However, with time, the need to have more details came up. These details are found on the VL request form. So the 2nd task was created to send the additional needed data.

The optimal functional of the whole VL exchange is under review and will keep on improving