Tasks to guide improvements of UgandaEMR 3.3.9_alpha version

Yoga noi keere

 Hope all is well and Eyalama noi noi for the EMR developments........Just have points of concerns that need to be looked into to improve on UgandaEMR functionality.

Point of Care Approach

       a) For Point of care, Lets include a functionality to direct sending a patient from Triage to picking drugs at the Pharmacy without going through the ART clinician for ONLY represented clients.

       b) POC request for tests, lets have a functionality to a clinician to choose from say an inbuilt defined list of all tests just like the way the conditions of diagnosis were developed.

      c) That same list of tests should be activated on the Investigation Reports for the clinicians to update the results.

For both POC and Retrospective.

      d) Am requesting for an improvement on TPT status data capture, since this is like a One off prophylaxis.....Lets look at locking it for the proceeding encounters to just pick what was entered e.g if a client X completed TPT then the next visit on the TPT status let this be greyed out.

     e) Again MoH is supposed to guide on when patients are supposed to be re-initiated on TPT so on Request "d" include an indicator like eligible for TPT Yes OR NO to now open up the TPT entry part.

      f) On the side of cervical cancer screening, lets do the same like have requested for TPT status.

     g) Lets NOW enforce the data violation for ART start date VS drugs given e.g if a Client Y has started ART today then the system will NOT accept giving drugs in the system unless the ART start date is put.

    h) The issues of drugs for Third line on POC under the split functionality, lets include a predefined list  of all those drugs just like the conditions under diagnosis.

i) Lets look at including a list of Viral Load results received from CPHL dashboard through Viral Load exchange under Reports tabs.

    j) Also include a report on Cervical Cancer Screening for only Women - Parameters include Reg. Number(ART Number), Age, Cervical Cancer screening status, Then date when it was done

    j) Lastly lets also look at development of the TPT register in the EMR under Registers.

Counting on your usual cooperation.

Badru Katakwi

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Dear @bssemata this feedback has been taken

Thank you !!

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