Ug EMR shows erro message when I want to view some patient dashboards

EMR error report

Can run a concept dictionary and restart the instance first? Let me know if that doesn’t help out fix this

Hi @Cosmas, I hope you are comfortable with MySQL.
If so, go ahead and close pending client visits with this script.
Before running the script, head to cmd, type mysql -u root -p [press enter button]
type: openmrs [press enter button]
Then type use openmrs;
then copy and paste this script:

*update patient_queue set status ="COMPLETED" where status ="PENDING" and date_created < "2022-11-16"*;
[press enter button] and restart computer. :blush:
For future cases, always update the date in the script to today’s date


Thank you @tonycarter, Kindly take me through the process of running the concept dictionary in MySQL.

Hello @Cosmas, kindly follow the procedure as highlighted by @dopuch