Uganda EMR system hangs and displays memory error

Hello kindly seeking your support when entering data in the EMR the system hangs and tab on the browser buffers forever and then it generates the attached error
how can I over come the problem

Hello @Herman1 ,

The system has run out of memory. There are a number of causes to these and therefore need to review all possible causes and improve where its implicated.

  1. To start with, check the task manager (on a Windows machine) and review the performance of Tomcat and MySQL in both the CPU and Memory tabs
  2. Ensure that the server machine has at least 8 GB of RAM
  3. Clear the allocations of memory in the Tomcat settings so that it’s allocated automatically
  4. Review your scheduler in UgandaEMR and ensure that all tasks run in not less than 10 minutes, preferred is 1 hour
  5. Restart the server and try to redo the activities that previously resulted in running out of memory.
  6. If it happens again, send remote access to for real-time support

Thanks @nmayanja it worked

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