This is Buwenge NGO Hospital UgandaEMR is not registering new we have been trying to solve the problem but refused when you try to enter the new client shows error zero


Hello @thenry, kindly share the logs from your server.

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@Simon_Niwamanya the issue is someone tempered with ID Generation data.
When this is tempered with, the system is not able to assign OpenMRS IDs.
To resolve the issue . Lets follow the steps below

  • Go to Legacy System Administration > Manage Patient Identifier Sources(Under ID Generation)
    A well set ID generator should be set as below
  • If not well set, click on Configure for the OpenMRS ID type in the list
  • Set the name to “Generator for OpenMRS ID”
    Base Character to “0123456789ACDEFGHJKLMNPRTUVWXY”
  • Min length to 6 and Max Length to 6
  • Save

In summary the form fields should look as below


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This worked well
Thank you so much @dbaluku and Team.

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