UgandaEMR Reports Error at St. Benedict HC III in Jinja City

Hello Team
I have tried to run various sql files to solve this error but all in vain.
Kindly help me out

@Simon_Niwamanya please run the script here Troubleshooting Report Tips - UgandaEMR User Manual in heidi or on mysql command and restart the computer

Good afternoon @dbaluku
This cannot solve the error

@Simon_Niwamanya It might be that your reports module is not actually running. Signs that it is not runnning as expected include Start all modules every after a restart of the machine. If that is the case, it means no reports can run

@dbaluku What can I do to make them run?
Thank you…

@Simon_Niwamanya Kindly share your server logs so that we can look at the cause of this error.

Ensure read and implement number 5 in this post

Thank you so much @dbaluku for the support.
This was solved by running the following SQL script: ALTER TABLE serialized_object CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET UTF8;

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